Watch “SHINee – 「1000年、ずっとそばにいて・・・」 Music Video” on YouTube

A really great song! Makes you get the feels, to feel sad yet to keep on thinking. May there be the best of wishes for SHINee’s future activities.

Also, to all of people where ever you are, remember to not lose hope and self, there is at least one person or more who’ve you affected and made a difference; whether they be strangers or family or friends.


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PaulieWallie Yingier
June 14, 2011 ·

How come …
we are so close…
but yet we are so far away at the same time…

My heart has ached from pain,
I faithfully awaited your reply.

You took too long so I assumed you refused,
My heart was crushed,
I screamed in pain inside for many days,
And finally… ran away.

A day seemed like a year,
The longer I ran,
It seemed like forever,

Until I knew I had to forget
This painful, unrequited love…
Goodbye, my first and last love……

clamp-asdfawdfgawet (Mokona &?? should be from clamp)

I’ll be praying for your happiness,
whether we find our loved one or not
it is up to us to search for that one to complete and make us feel full…

When…… (this is what I thought when I read a few pages of this book, it made me cry (v.v) ;'[)

When…… (this is what I thought when I read a few pages of this book, it made me cry (v.v) ;'[)
April 27, 2011

It makes me sad when I see and think you’re not here anymore……
It was a nice day,
you woke up from a good dream,
we were together when this happened.

It was hard to understand,
just to find out you’ve been in an accident and passed away.

That I was saved because of you,
when I woke up to find out you weren’t here,
it made me cry to think that you’re gone.

I know I have to move on, I will keep our moments together
before your death, I will remember you because of what you’ve done for me. hiyama-kiyoteru(Hiyama Kiyoteru, a Vocaloid)

I’m Lonely…… I’ll keep going on I’ll remember you

Knight in a Millennium

Knight in a Millennium
March 20, 2011, at 9:39pm

I met my knight in the middle of the night
there was a perfect full moon
many stars were out but
it was the start of a
new millennium

meteor showers on the loose
flying openly in the sky
the world is starting anew
I have to go, my family, is looking for me
I hope we meet when the “stars” are back

af-windfield(This is from Angel’s Feather)

…thump… thump…shatter…

PaulieWallie Yingier
March 9, 2011, ·

…thump… thump…shatter…
Will you be my special someone?…

The first time I saw this lovely girl
My heart skipped a beat
I wanted to ask her name
I was a coward not to

Next time I saw you
I was in the same class as you
Even if I don’t talk to you
I’ll watch from afar
Protecting you from the shadows

ccs-clamp (Pic, not mine, it’s from Card Captor Sakura by clamp)

Stay with me, Fly with me.
Be with me, I want only you
I’m only here because of you
If you’re gone, I’m gone…